I like to recycle because just throwing stuff away that could be easily used again is such a waste to me. But Lubbock has not been a very recycle friendly town. This might help change that.

It wasn't that long ago that recycling in Lubbock wasn't only unheard of, it was relegated to tree-hugger status and laughed at. Finally United stores instituted a recycling program where we could take our recyclables to a couple of their locations and drop them off.

That's great and all and I applaud United for their efforts. But many of us don't have room for multiple trash bins where we live. And keeping that much stuff around until we have a full load can start to smell after awhile. In the big cities, yes even here in Texas, recycling is picked up just like all the other trash. Its just in blue bins so the trash company knows its recycling.

Now there's a pick up service here in Lubbock. AND you don't have to pre-sort it, which is a huge hassle. Admit it.

1-2-3 Recycling will not only drop off special recycling bags for your trash but they'll pick it up on the schedule you choose. Now unlike the big cities where its part of your normal utility bill, this is an extra service and it does cost money. But if its worth it to you, and I know its worth it to Earth, then check out their website and sign up.

As an added bonus they donate %10 of their profits to Texas Tech Scholarships and Breast Cancer Awareness so they do good too.