My prom experience was pretty much a disaster. My boyfriend at the time was already out of school and refused to go with me. My best friend wasn't allowed to come because she beat a girl up earlier that week. I took an old friend and it was so epically...boring. I ate as many chocolate covered strawberries as I could hork down and left after about 20 minutes. I only spent $40 on my dress but it still felt like a complete waste.

The problem was that I just wasn't and I'm still not a "prom" person. I'm certainly not knocking anyone who is and I'd rather folks enjoy that rite of passage. But I am a "let's get dressed up, hang out and have fun" person. Which is what my prom should have been, and thanks to Lubbock-Con, what it could be, even though I haven't been in high school in quite some time.

Nerd-Prom 2.0 already has points for being 21+ and at Backstage (no offense kiddos, you're time will come). So already the social anxiety aspect mostly negated. The best part is that cosplay is acceptable and encouraged. So instead of wearing a mermaid hemline, you can actually go as a mermaid. That's way more fun, and in my case, flattering.

via DeNae Griffith

Nerd Prom still has the fun of a classic prom, with music, corsages, a Queen and king crowning and picture taking opportunities.

Nerd Prom 2.0 is this Saturday, October 8th starting at 9p and running until the bar closes. Tickets are available at Star Comics. For more information and to RSVP, you can head over to this event page.