Lubbock folks love Christmas. Especially at the movies. From "It's Wonderful Life" to "Office Christmas Party" we go to the theater in droves to celebrate the season.

Alamo Drafthouse is known for its specialty programming, which includes classics and cult favorites, and holiday movies are no exception. Throughout the month of December Alamo has programmed many holiday favorites, and with some especially popular movies, multiple screenings. According to Alamo's Programming Director Robert Saucedo, the demand for holiday movies in Lubbock continues to grow:

"Every year we add more and more screenings of the holiday staples to our calendar. This year alone we have seven screenings of Elf - most of them sold out. People have gotten to know and look forward to our holiday programming and they also know that tickets go fast so they're buying earlier, which helps us anticipate demand and add more shows."

Some of these screenings take it to the next level and invite participation. These Movie Parties encourage quoting/singing along and give guests props to immerse the viewer into the film. Christmas Vacation and Love Actually are both Movie Party favorites.

No matter you're Christmas style- from 80s favorites like Gremlins and Scrooged, bizarro horror Christmas like The Brain, traditional favorites like It's a Wonderful Life or brand new Christmas films like Office Christmas Party, Lubbock as a whole seems to outpace other cities in holiday spirit- at least at the movies. I suspect we do in other ways too, but I'm pretty biased.

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