Halloween is all about community. Whether you go to community events or just Trick-Or-Treat on your block, it's a wonderful chance to meet your neighbors.

A Lubbockite built a homemade haunt for kids in his neighborhood, but was understandably upset when someone(s) decided to pull a mean-spirited trick by destroying it.

However, the alleged teenage culprit left behind a major clue: his wallet, which included his driver's license. Since he is underaged and nothing is proven at this point, we have chosen not to include the photo of his ID. And as one Lubbockite wisely puts it: "I'd make sure it was the person before you assume it was...i would hate for the kid to just be walking by and dropped it and be punished for it or just somebody that hates him to set him up"

Here is the Facebook post detailing the damage:


This isn't the first time Lubbock has experienced vandalism this year. Both Nightmare On 19th Street and Joyland were also damaged by teenage culprits, as caught on camera. It's infuriating and disheartening that places that exist to give Lubbock teens something to do are getting vandalized. I have one word for it: ungrateful.

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