The Lubbock Chapter of Geek Girls Brunch is inviting lady trainers of all ages to come hunt Pokemon this Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to noon at Maxey Park.

It's an opportunity for nerdy girls from all over Lubbock to meet other players and build a community of like-minded ladies. With a high of 100 degrees expected that day, remember your sunscreen and water.

This isn't Geek Girls Brunch's first event. Geek Girls Brunch opened the Lubbock chapter over a year ago and has been hosting primarily brunches. They also assist with Star Comics' Ladies Nights and are involved with Lubbock-Con. They also just started a book club for you bibliophiles.

As a geeky girl myself, I applaud the efforts of these ladies. Nerd culture is no longer a boys only club - not by a long shot. In fact, nearly half of all comic sales are to female readers. Not to mention the explosion of cosplay, which is a hobby deeply loved by many ladies, myself included.

More details on this "Pokemon Go" hunting adventure are available on the group's Facebook event page.