I love my Dollar Tree (the one on 50th and Boston-ish). I'm there every couple of weeks and I always find a haul of treasures (they have some totally great makeup brushes right now). And why would you ever get a gift bag or a balloon anywhere else? Oh, and a COLD 1-liter of Diet Coke? Seriously, the Dollar Tree rules.

There's always one or two fantastically quirky things in the store as well. Today, there was a real treat: Singing Justin Bieber toothbrushes. And not even modern "Sorry" Bieber. I'm talking super baby, bangs-in-the-face "Somebody to Love" Bieber.

Renee, Townsquare Media

There's even plenty of colors to choose from so you can coordinate your love of 14-year-old Biebs with your bathroom decor. I'm just left to wonder - where did these come from? Where these recovered from a 2010 shipwreck?

You can actually still order these from the manufacturer's website for $10! And here in Lubbock we can get them for $1. That's 90 percent off. Black Friday shopping is officially over, we can all stay home.


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