The rumors have been flying around for weeks now but it is offical. Jennifer Lopez has reportedly stepped down as judge on American Idol after season 11 comes to an end. “She’s just too busy,” a source told E! News.

"It is just like any working mom's dilemma. It's tough. It's a balancing act. You put them first and  then you have all these other things that you have to do, that you have to give  your time to as well, and you have to make sure that they're OK in the process."

Between her beauty products, fashion lines, four-year-old twins Max and Emma, acting career and music, including an upcoming tour with Enrique Iglesias, the 42-year-old Diva might be the hardest working woman in Hollyweird.

“Fox does not want to let her go. They love her,” a source said.

What do you think? And who would you like to see try and replace her?

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