I LOVE my pets, all five of them. I have two dogs, two snakes, and a leopard gecko (not pictured- for some reason I only have video of her) and I enjoy them immensely. In addition to first names, they have middle names, nicknames and fictional surnames because I'm that level weird. Amok "Mucky" April Donuts Wrongbottom, for example.

Orpheus, Renee, Townsquare

There are so many wonderful organizations here in town that have adoptable animals- mostly dogs and cats but occasionally more unusual pets like Lubbock Animal Shelter, who recently had a chicken available. I firmly believe adoption is the best route to a new fur friend, but when it comes to exotics, it's best to develop a relationship with your pet store to properly care for them.

Amok, Renee, Townsquare

Walter's World and Pets Plus are both wonderful, locally owned options if you become interested in a pet that is a little more unusual. Pets Plus is in my neighborhood and Arty, our Dingo-mix likes to visit when she isn't hiding in my closet (being part wild dog, she has some quirks). I'm there at least once a week to buy crickets and mice for my reptiles.

Arty, Renee, Townsquare

It is very important with an exotic to have the appropriate enclosure for your animal ahead of time. Keeping a pet is always going to be a learning process- but some animals are much easier to keep than others. If you are looking for a family friendly reptile, Leopard Geckos really can't be beat. They are reasonably easy to care for (although, again, you must have the proper setup equipment beforehand)  and its fun for kids to feed them crickets (mice can stir up feelings, lol).

Carl Court

They have no teeth, fangs or venom and perpetually appear to be smiling. Leos are adorable and some of them even like to be held. Asjj Minerva does not which is why I had to use a stock image here. Never stress your animal needlessly.

Of course if you want to stick with a traditional fur friend, you can still celebrate your baby today! Pets Plus carries a ton of great toys for your animals (I buy antlers for my dogs to chew on) and our friends at Three Dog Bakery always have fresh treats for your baby.

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