It's "Project X" on a boat!

Except this time it was on a public ferry with passengers and kids in tow. While those terrified passengers took shelter in a secure room, kids from the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University ”smashed glasses and bottles, overturned tables and set ashtrays alight on P&O ship Spirit of France”.

I would definitely NOT want to have to mess with getting the deposit back on a $280 million boat. Picking up empty red Solo cups is one thing, but having to clean the whole thing is a bit much.

The ships' captain was quoted as saying:

“There was dancing on tables and bottles and glasses kicked off tables. Males and females were exposing themselves in generally drunken, loutish behaviour. There were many complaints.”

It doesn't seem like he's complaining too loudly though. The students were among 1,500+ people, including elderly people and families with young children. so maybe a bad choice of locations for your rager, but sometimes parties just happen right?

[Via The Sun]