In America we create special days for, well everything! Seriously if you look at a calendar every single day is a special day for this group or that one. Today's special group is boyfriends. Its national boyfriend day because why not?Yes if you have a boyfriend, or boyfriends, you should tell them. First that they're your boyfriend, just in case they forgot. Next that they're your one and only, unless you have like 5, then maybe skip this step. Also that today is a day just for them. Why? I have no idea. But buy them something like flowers or a car. And say thank you for being my right now, but not necessarily going to be in the future because boyfriends may or may not last forever. #nationalboyfriendday

In honor of this national holiday all boyfriends get the day off. Off of what? I don't know, boyfriending maybe? Anyway here are some tweets about this super spectacular day.