The odds are pretty good that you got some type of clothing item as a gift this Christmas. Did you love it? If so great! You might need to make some room in your closet to accommodate it. Hate it but don't have a receipt? I won't tell anyone if you get rid of it, so long as you don't put it in the trashcan. Keep your clothes out of the landfill by utilizing one of these great local options.

Re-Sell Stores

A Re-Sell store may be a great option for you if your item is in very good condition and an in-demand style. There's lots of great stores in Lubbock that will be happy to buy your item(s). If it's a teen-to-twenty something recent style item Plato's Closet would like to make you an offer. Business casual women's item's can be sold to Style Encore and vintage items, high end brands and boutique style clothing might get you a nice return at Culture Clothing. For baby and kid's items of all sorts, there's Once Upon a Child.

Thrift and Charity Stores

If you don't feel like your items will fetch a good price, you want to give to a charity, or you simply don't want to deal with the buy-back process, there's some great thrift stores in town that would love your items. My favorite is American Council for the Blind Thrift Store because its right by the interstate and 34th which is convenient for me and I can just drop a bag off by the garage door up front. If you want your item to go directly to someone in need you can give it to the Lubbock Dream Center. And of course there's several Goodwill's you can donate to.

Local Facebook Groups

If you enjoy selling your items directly, you may make a little more money than a re-sell store. Of course, you are earning that money because it's as hard as a "real" job to keep up with your posts, meeting people, taking pictures of your items, etc. It's way too big of a hassle for me but I have done it in the past when I really needed the money and had the extra time. The biggest group is Lubbock Online Garage Sale. I encourage you to exercise extreme caution when meeting people, as my fiance was robbed selling his cell phone just a few months ago (not through Facebook, but through Craigslist, which I refuse to recommend to you).

Regardless of how you get rid of your unwanted clothes, please just don't put them in the trash! Even clothes that may not be popular are recycled into material for rags by thrift stores. There's no reason for them to gunk up a landfill. Except for used underwear and socks. Please throw that away.

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