It was a beautiful moon this morning, but that wasn't the whole enchilada. You get the whole enchilada, plus a taco plate, tonight.

Let's get real about this, too. This bright night should make for the perfect time for Pokemon hunting.

So what is a "Full Buck Moon"? Once again we go back to our Native American origins. The Full Buck Moon refers to the season in which bucks start to grow new antlers. It was also known as the "Thunder Moon" in places that get a bit more weather in July than we get here.

While some of you can probably relate to one of the two moon names for the month of July, August is a bit of a stretch.

August is the Full Sturgeon Moon, named for the fish. So, since that's kind of boring, set your sights on the skies for an event that happens about a week earlier, the Perseid Meteor Showers. Your best chance to catch the meteors will be in the early morning hours (like 1 a.m.) on August 12 after the moon sets.

You can actually watch a live stream of the Full Buck Moon in the video below.