E and I had a magical friendship adventure in which we got our eyebrows threaded.

Threading is a 6,000-year old grooming practice in which a thread is twisted to form little loops that catch individual hairs.

Neither of us had ever tried it and it sounded kinda painful. But the new location of OM Eyebrow Threading across from Texas Tech is offering eyebrow threading for free until the end of August, so we hopped on it of course. You'd be surprised what we'll do if it's free (but we always tip, as should you).

I expected one of us to freak out, but it wasn't painful at all. E described the feeling like this: A card stuck in a bicycle spoke. It's mostly like a weird vibration. You have to try it to understand.

My eyebrows were way overdue as I hate waxing and I'm too lazy to pluck most times. Now that I've had threading done, I probably won't do my eyebrows any other way. It's precise, clean and quick.

OM Threading was clean, well-lit and our eyebrow threading tech was knowledgeable and friendly. In short: 10/10; would de-hair again.