I'm not the smartest sports guy in the room. So you might want to go to a true sports source to get all the important info on this. I do know that an ESPN writer has picked Texas Tech to rank number 1 in the Big 12.

The number 1 press box that is. Because apparently we as a society have gotten to where the only thing the internet is good for is making lists of crap that don't really matter, then fooling them with a click bait type of headline, as I have done here. I'm sick of the internet today. I quit.

Its all bull if you ask me. Stop clicking through stupid headlines with no meat in them. Even ours. Do yourself a favor and don't fall for the trap that websites and companies throw out there. Be smarter than they are. If you don't get enough of the story in the headline to at least know the basis of it, then move on because its a waste of your time. I know, because I've been forced to do it too. Well not any more.