Have you ever thought to yourself, "I'd pay money to staple a man with an industrial stapler?"

Well, you're weird, and tonight you have your chance. My kind of weird, really.

In lieu of tipping, side show performer Drew Blood, accepts cash- if you staple it to his body. This is after he performs different acts with power tools, a chainsaw, and spits and eats actual fire.

He's also the love of my life, so I'm the one that gets to take the staples out of his head with pliers.

Drew Blood will be performing two sets tonight at 9:45 and 10:45. These are "mini" shows so you won't see everything this human oddity can do, but you'll see enough to get a thrill- or sick to your stomach.

Nightmare on 19th Street is located at 602 E 19th St, inside the Lonestar Events Center. Admission on Saturday night is $25, which includes all four haunted attractions and Drew's performances. Just remember to bring extra cash if you want to make a guy bleed.

Here's a picture of me, Drew, my bestie V and a couple of creepy clowns who are sweet as the Dickens. And Drew with Frank "The Fire God", a legendary Coney Island performer.

Renee, Townsquare Media


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