Donating blood is the best feeling. I get to spend a little of my time eating free Oreos and drinking all the juice I want-- to know, beyond any doubt, that I am saving a life or vastly improving the quality of one. I cherish and crave that feeling, which is why I donate as often as they let me.

As a bonus perk this week, United Blood Services is giving donors two tickets to Star Wars: Rogue One this weekend! You can pick from a Saturday or Sunday showing and its at Tinseltown so you get to see it on their big, beautiful screens.

Renee, Townsquare Media

In addition to your tickets you also get to pick a T-Shirt- I choose the dark side.Mostly because my dad, also a serial blood donor, gave me his Yoda shirt.

All of this is while supplies last of course, so be sure to book your appointment asap! United Blood Services is located at 2523 48th Street (behind Office Depot) and their number is (806) 797-6804.

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