It's hot outside and it will continue to be hot outside for a while. One of the coolest items you could eat is watermelon and it's something that many people enjoy eating.

When I was a kid, my grandfather would always pick up a watermelon from the local grocery store, split it open and we would all enjoy while sitting outside. It was a great way to keep cool while eating something that was actually good for you.

This week, Brenda Duby with The United Family gave us some different ways of preparing watermelon in case you get bored with the old fashioned way or if you just want to try something new.

One different way to have watermelon? Turn your watermelon slices into  popsicles! Duby says to put your watermelon slices into the freezer and enjoy. Duby also said many people like to cut up watermelon into small cubes and putting the cubes into ice trays. Add mint and water and your glass of water becomes flavored.

Smoothies and slushies are also easy to make with watermelon. Just use your favorite blender and your favorite type of watermelon. Something else you can do? Grill your watermelon slices.

So many ways to beat the heat with watermelons from United Supermarkets.

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Photo credit: United Supermarkets
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