It seems as if holiday creep is a real thing! You barely get past one holiday and then it is time for the next one.

Over the New Year’s weekend, I was not overly surprised to find Valentine’s day products already out at a number of Lubbock retailers. (About 2 weeks to early for me thank you very much!)

Credit: Boleo - TSM


But what did surprise me what the amount of Easter products out.

CREDIT: ThinkStock/Fuse

Easter is more than 4 months away from today. Is there going to be a run on Easter grass and peeps I need to know about? Are Reese’s eggs going to be hitting the black market if I don’t buy them now?

Probably not, but come on retailers, let us get past this set of holidays first before putting out the next round.

What do you think? Is it too early for Easter items to be in stores? Let us know!