National Adoption Weekend is November 11-13th this year at Lubbock's PetsMart. PetsMart will host animal rescue groups for both dogs and cats, but the organization that caught my eye is Furry Godmother's Kitten Rescue, who is using the event as an opportunity to promote the adoption of black cats.

They will be offering discounted adoption rates on felines who happen to be of that hue with their event Black Cats Are Pawsome on November 11th at the PetsMart located at 6046 Marsha Sharp from 3-8p.

Black animals have a more difficult time getting adopted. Some say its because they are easier to oversee than animals that are brighter colors. Personally, black cats are far and away my favorite. I find them to be elegant, mystical and just lovely. And their hair is less likely to show up on my clothes, which are mostly black too.

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