It’s summer time and it’s getting hot outside. One easy way to beat the heat is by sitting on your couch and soaking up the nice and cool air conditioning. The better way to enjoy beating the summer heat is by hitting the nearest body of water. Summertime screams sprinklers, Slip ‘N Slides, swimming pools and lakes. Beat the heat this summer and grab your floaties on your way to our top five places to swim here in the city of Lubbock.

Texas Tech Leisure Pool

Open now for just a short time, the Texas Tech Leisure Pool has quickly become the favorite hangout of Tech students and faculty members on a hot day. Non Tech students and faculty can still use the pool if they are accompanied by a student with an ID or passes can be purchases. Family swim starts after 5:30 and the leisure pool opens as early as 6 am and closes around 9pm. It’s the largest leisure pool on a college campus in the United States and includes a 645ft lazy river, a poolside café and a full showering house for when you’re done swimming.

Maxey Park

The Maxey Park swimming pool plays hosts to hundreds of swimmers everyday with their largest clientele being youngsters. The Maxey Park pool is public and opens in early May and runs throughout the summer closing up shop in late September. Maxey is what you imagine a public pool to be. The best place to cool down with the family and the pool that every kid’s loves going to.

Clapp Park

The Clapp Park swimming pool looks like it was taken straight from a water park and placed in a neighborhood. Clapp Park is always one of the hottest places to go swimming here in the city of Lubbock thanks to their amazing water slides and pet friendly atmosphere. Clapp plays host to a giant water slide that looks like it came from Schlitterbahn and always has a line of kids waiting to use it. Clapp Park also plays host to a yearly pet friendly pool day where swimmers are encourage to bring their little buddies with them and relax in the pool with their four legged children.


Bodyworks has several locations in the city of Lubbock and has always been the elite establishments when it comes to working out across the South Plains. It’s also plays host to one of the finest pools that the Hub City has to offer. The Bodyworks location at 5715 82nd Street houses two massive pools for their members to use. The inside pool is geared towards member’s children as it is a giant play scape in water (imagine an entire playground placed in a wading pool). Bodyworks member can also enjoy their outside pool for swimming laps, laying out and soaking up the sun, using the big slide or just a quick dip after the workout. It’s the biggest and best work out pool in the city and perfect for you on a hot summer day.

Buffalo Springs Lake

For the best time under the sun here in Lubbock, make the short trip out to Buffalo Springs Lake and jump in the water. Buffalo Springs is just a short drive outside of the city and always guaranteed to provide the best time for those who love swimming and enjoying the lake. Buffalo Springs is perfect for swimmers of all ages or for those who love to enjoy the water in a different way. It’s the only place in Lubbock and the surrounding area that you can take the boat or jet skis out to and have a full day of fun for less than $20 for the family.